Mamma Celeste's

Gastropub & Pizzeria

Our story

In 2011, Jim Flanagan opened our small independent pizzeria of 45 seats in Chico, CA. Located in the student-centric side of town, over the next 6 years, Jim successfully grew Mamma Celeste’s “Stonebaked” Pizzeria into a name brand inside Butte County. During this period of growth, Jim lived in Paradise, CA.

In 2017 Jim finally found the perfect location in Paradise, CA. Jim personally did the remodel with good friends over the course of a year. On May 28th 2018, Mamma Celeste's Gastropub and Pizzeria was opened in Paradise, CA. It was an instant success.

On November 8th 2018, after barely 4 months in operation, the PG&E caused Camp Fire destroyed the town of Paradise, CA. On October 8th 2019, one month shy of one year to the day of the Camp Fire, Jim signed a new lease to build Mamma Celeste's Gastropub and Pizzeria in Sparks, NV.

This new chapter of life for Mamma Celeste's continues with 3 staff members from Paradise. All chose to continue the fun we all had serving the people of Butte County and Paradise, CA. We are so excited to now serve Sparks, and Reno in this new beginning.